Commercial Marketing Surrounding the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup

Commercial Marketing Surrounding the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup

SIX6S CRICKET – The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup, a global cricketing spectacle, is currently captivating the hearts and minds of fans worldwide. This thrilling event began its journey on the 5th of October, with a grand opening match between the defending champions, England, and the formidable New Zealand. However, the appeal of the Cricket World Cup extends far beyond the boundary ropes, as the tournament provides a massive opportunity for commercial marketing and brand promotion. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of commercial marketing surrounding the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup.


The Grand Stage of the 2023 Cricket World Cup

The grandeur of the 2023 Cricket World Cup is undeniable. The tournament is taking place across various iconic venues in India. One venue that stands out is the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, which not only hosted the opening match but will also be the stage for the grand finale on the 19th of November. This stadium holds the distinction of being the world’s largest cricket stadium and promises an electrifying atmosphere for fans.

Additionally, the semifinals of this Cricket World Cup will be held at two prestigious venues: Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium and Kolkata’s iconic Eden Gardens on the 15th and 16th of November, respectively. These venues are synonymous with cricketing history and have witnessed some of the most memorable moments in the sport.


The Format and the Teams of ICC Cricket World Cup

The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup follows a round-robin structure, with each of the ten participating teams playing nine matches. The top four teams emerging from this intense battle will advance to the semifinals, keeping fans on the edge of their seats as they witness nail-biting clashes.

The participating teams represent cricketing talent from across the globe, and it’s not just the cricketing action that’s compelling but also the stories behind the teams. While eight of the ten teams secured their spots through traditional means, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands earned their places through the World Cup Qualifiers. This provides an opportunity for emerging cricketing nations to shine on the world stage.


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The Impact on Commercial Marketing


The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup has presented a golden opportunity for commercial marketing and brand promotion. Disney Star, the official broadcaster and streaming partner of the World Cup, has onboarded a plethora of sponsors and advertisers. Notable brands like Hindustan Unilever, MRF Tyres, Dream11, Mahindra & Mahindra, and are among the many that are leveraging the reach and appeal of this tournament.


The integration of mobile technology and affordable advertising rates has made it easier for advertisers to connect with cricket enthusiasts. Ajit Varghese, EVP, Head of Network–Ad Sales, The Walt Disney Company, highlighted the opportunity by stating that they are making it accessible for advertisers to participate in Indian cricket with a cost per 1,000 impressions as low as $1.


The enormous viewership of the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup is a testament to its commercial appeal. India’s match against Pakistan, for example, recorded concurrent viewership of 350 million on Disney+ Hotstar, setting new records in cricket streaming. On TV, over 59 billion minutes of watch-time were clocked, marking a 22% growth over the 2019 edition.


Clearly, this World Cup has provided advertisers and marketers with a significant platform to reach a massive audience of cricket-loving fans. As the tournament unfolds, it’s not just the cricketing action that’s keeping fans engaged; it’s also the commercials and promotions that have added to the spectacle.


As the excitement of the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup continues, advertisers and brands are reveling in the joy of connecting with their target audience in ways that are unprecedented and exhilarating. With each thrilling match and captivating moment, commercial marketing is reaching new heights, and fans have more reasons to celebrate than just their team’s victories.

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