Mumbai set to appoint Milind Rege as cricket advisor

Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) has reportedly decided to appoint Milind Rege as its advisor, in an effort to enhance its cricketing activities. Rege, who is a former skipper and a legend of Mumbai cricket, is expected to provide expert guidance and advice to the association on various aspects related to cricket. This comes after the MCA’s decision to establish a new Cricket Improvement Committee (CIC) to handle the association’s cricketing affairs.

Rege is a highly accomplished cricketer who has represented Mumbai in 52 first-class games, in which he picked up 126 wickets at an average of 29.23 and scored 1532 runs at an average of 23.56. He was also part of Mumbai’s six Ranji Trophy victories, which is a testament to his immense contribution to the team’s success. Rege’s appointment as advisor is significant as it reflects the MCA’s commitment to improving its cricketing activities. With his vast experience and expertise in the game, Rege is expected to play a crucial role in shaping the association’s cricketing strategies and policies. His appointment is independent of the CIC’s jurisdiction, and the roles of the CIC and the advisor will be clearly defined.

Rege’s involvement with Mumbai cricket goes beyond his playing career. He has held several key positions in the association, including captaining, coaching, and selecting the Mumbai team. He played for Mumbai during a period when the team boasted some of the best domestic cricketers in the country and captained the team for a season. Despite suffering from serious illness that ruled him out for a couple of seasons, Rege returned to the Mumbai team and continued to contribute to its success.

The MCA’s decision to appoint Rege as advisor is a positive development for Mumbai cricket. It highlights the association’s focus on nurturing and developing cricketing talent in the region. Rege’s appointment is also an acknowledgment of his immense contribution to Mumbai cricket over the years. In recent years, Mumbai cricket has faced several challenges, including a decline in the quality of talent coming through the ranks, inconsistent performances in domestic competitions, and administrative issues. The MCA’s decision to appoint Rege as advisor is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to address these challenges.

The Apex Council of the MCA is expected to meet soon to finalize Rege’s appointment as advisor. Once appointed, Rege will need to work closely with the MCA’s various committees and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan to enhance the association’s cricketing activities. This will require a collective effort from all stakeholders, and the MCA must be proactive in engaging with its players, coaches, and other stakeholders to ensure that its cricketing activities are aligned with the best practices in the sport.

the appointment of Milind Rege as advisor to the Mumbai Cricket Association is a positive development for the association and the sport of cricket in the region. Rege’s vast experience and expertise in the game will be invaluable in shaping the association’s cricketing policies and strategies.

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